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Class 10

NIOS-202: English


NIOS-202: English

22 Lessons
Class 10
What you'll learn
Parts of Speech
Active and Passive Voice
Direct and Indirect Speech
Formation of Wh-Questions
Dialogue/Conversation Writing
Rewriting Sentences and Paragraph
Telephonic Conversation
Report Writing
Article Writing
Notice Writing
Letter Writing
Situation Based Paragraph

NIOS-229: Data Entry Operations

18 Lessons
Class 10
What you'll learn
Basics of Computer
Operating System
Basics of Word Processing
Formatting Documents
Mail Merge
Basics of Spreadsheet
Formatting Worksheets
Formulas, Functions and Charts
Creating Presentation

NIOS-223: Indian Culture and Heritage

30 Lessons
Class 10
What you'll learn
Culture: An Introduction
Indian Culture
Ancient India
Medieval India
Modern India
Indian Languages and Literature-I
Indian Languages and Literature-II
Religion and Philosophy in ancient India
Religion and Philosophy in Medieval India
Religious Reform Movements in Modern India
Indian Painting
Performing Arts: Music, Dance and Drama
Indian Architecture
Science and Technology in India
Scientists of Ancient India
Science and Scientists of Medieval India
Scientists of Modern India
Education in India
Indian Social Structure
Socio-Cultural Issues in Contemporary India
Spread of Indian Culture Abroad
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