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Class 12

NIOS-331: Sociology


NIOS-331: Sociology

48 Lessons
Class 12
What you'll learn
An Introduction of Sociology
Emergence and Development of sociology
Sociology: Its Relationships with other social Sciences
Methods and Techniques of Research in Sociology
Society, Community, Association and Institution
Social Groups
Social Structure and Social System
Norms and Values
Status and Role
Cooperation, Competition and Conflict
Acculturation, Askimilation & Integration
Economy, Polity and Religion
Social Stratification: Hierarchy, Differentiation and Inequality
Factors of Social change
Processes of Social Change
Social Control
Social Deviance
Society and Our Environment
Social Stratification: Hierarchy, Differentiation and Inequality
Unity and Diversity
National Integration: concept and Challenge
India Society: Tribal, Rural and Urban
Caste System in India
Major Religious communities in India
Major Social Problems of India
Problems of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Problems of other Deprived Sections
Historical and Cultural Perspective
Gender Discrimination
Problem of Women
Quest for Equality and Women's Empowerment
Culture: Concept and Characteristics
Indian Cultural Heritage
Cultural Pluralism
Media and Culture

NIOS-333: Environmental Science

45 Lessons
Class 12
What you'll learn
Origin of Earth and Evolution of the Environment
Environment and Human Society
Degradation of Natural Environment
Principles of Ecology
Natural Ecosystem
Human Modified Ecosystems
Human Societies
Environmental Pollution
Environmental and Health
Disasters and their Management
National Environmental Issues
Global Environmental Issues
Biodiversity Conservation
Conservation of Other Natural Resources
Conservation of Soil and Land
Water and Energy Conservation
Origin and Concept of Sustainable Development
Modern Agriculture
Concept of Sustainable Agriculture
Cleaner Technologies
Conservation of Other Natural Resources
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environment Related Institutions and Organisations
Environmental Ethics and Gandhian Approach
Global Circulation of Water
Ground Water Resources
Fresh Water Resources
Methods of Water Harvesting
Water Conservation at Different Levels
Importance of Energy in Society
Non-Renewable Sources of Energy
Renewable Sources of Energy-I
Renewable Sources of Energy-II
Energy Conservation
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