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About This Course

Welcome to the NIOS Class 10 English eLearning course!

This course is designed to empower you with essential Grammar, Writing, and Reading Skills.

Course Highlights:

Grammar Skills: Master the intricacies of English grammar through interactive video lessons and practice exercises. Say goodbye to confusing tenses and punctuation dilemmas!

Writing Skills: Unleash your creativity and express yourself confidently with our writing skill modules. Learn to craft compelling essays, stories, and letters that leave a lasting impression.

Reading Skills: Dive into the world of literature and enhance your reading comprehension. Explore classic and contemporary texts while sharpening your analytical skills.


Video Lessons: Engaging video lessons led by experienced educators to make learning fun and interactive.

Quizzes: Regular quizzes to test your understanding and reinforce your knowledge.

Assignments: Practical assignments to apply what you’ve learned and receive personalized feedback.

Free Guidebook: Access to a comprehensive guidebook packed with useful tips, tricks, and resources.

Exam Help: Get exam-ready with expert guidance, sample papers, and revision materials.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your grades, boost your communication skills, or simply enjoy English more, this course is designed to inspire and motivate you. Let’s embark on this rewarding English language adventure together!


Learning Objectives

Parts of Speech
Active and Passive Voice
Direct and Indirect Speech
Formation of Wh-Questions
Dialogue/Conversation Writing
Rewriting Sentences and Paragraph
Telephonic Conversation
Report Writing
Article Writing
Notice Writing
Letter Writing
Situation Based Paragraph

Material Includes

  • Animated Video Lessons
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Gyaniversity Guidebook
  • Q&A with Teachers
  • Important Exam Strategy
  • Guess Paper: Important Qs
  • Custom Graded Assignments
  • University Textbook
  • Mock Tests
  • Bonus Course Content


  • Watch the video lessons carefully. Make notes as required.
  • Test your knowledge with our quizzes and mock tests.
  • Refer to the Gyaniversity Guide book for solved previous year Q&A
  • Submit an optional assignment and get it evaluated by a teacher.

Target Audience

  • NIOS Class 10 Students
  • State Board Class 10 Students


22 Lessons

Course Introduction and Exam Strategy

This section serves as an introduction to the course and provides valuable insights into the features of this online course and effective exam strategies for studying this subject. Go through this section carefully to make the best of this course.
Question Paper Pattern00:1:40
Example of a Solved Question Paper
Guess Paper: List of Most Important Questions00:01:40
Acing Your NIOS Exams: Strategies for Success00:02:27

Module 1: Grammar Skills

Welcome to the world of Grammar Skills! In this course, we'll explore Parts of Speech to understand how words function in sentences, delve into the intricacies of Active and Passive Voice, and learn the art of Direct and Indirect Speech. You'll also uncover the secrets of crafting Wh-Questions, engaging in Dialogue/Conversation Writing, and perfecting the art of Rewriting Sentences and Paragraphs. Get ready to enhance your communication skills and express yourself with precision!

Module 2: Writing Skills

Welcome to your journey through the art of crafting words. You'll explore the etiquette of telephonic dialogue, master the clarity of report composition, embrace the creativity of article creation, and learn the conciseness of notice and letter formulation. Each lesson, from the structured to the expressive, builds your ability to convey ideas with precision and flair. Prepare to engage in diverse writing scenarios, enhancing your communication in every situation.

Module 3: Reading Skills

Welcome to our journey into the heart of understanding texts. Here, we'll unlock the secrets of comprehension, delving into strategies to grasp the meaning behind words, and learn to infer the unwritten messages. Our adventure will equip you with the tools to not just read, but truly interpret and reflect on any piece of writing. Let's begin our quest to become proficient readers, ready to explore the depths of written treasures!

Bonus Course Content

This section offers valuable resources to supplement your learning. Access the free Gyaniversity guide book, previous year question papers, and university textbooks. Test your knowledge with a mock test and complete an optional assignment which will be evaluated by our Explore the Bonus Course Content and unlock your full potential!


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Class 10
22 lectures

Material Includes

  • Animated Video Lessons
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Gyaniversity Guidebook
  • Q&A with Teachers
  • Important Exam Strategy
  • Guess Paper: Important Qs
  • Custom Graded Assignments
  • University Textbook
  • Mock Tests
  • Bonus Course Content
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