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About This Course

Welcome to our FREE UPSC CSAT Course with Mock Tests and Quizzes. Preparing for Civil Services Aptitude Test in UPSC can be complex. To help guide you through this essential subject, we have designed a course that not only covers your syllabus but also equips you with the skills to tackle exam questions with confidence.

What’s in the Course?

  • Practice Questions from CSAT PYQs: Answer quizzes based on past questions to familiarize yourself with the pattern and rigor of the Prelims.
  • Full-Length Mock Tests for CSAT: Test your preparation with our comprehensive mock tests designed to simulate the actual exam environment. It’s a perfect way to assess where you stand and focus on areas that need more attention.
  • Exclusive Online Course Discount: Upon completing all quizzes, reach out to us to receive a special discount code for our corresponding online courses. It’s our way of saying thank you and helping you further in your UPSC preparation.

Features of Our Tests & Practice Questions:

  • Completely Free: Yes, you read that right! All these resources are available at no cost. Simply register and create a free account on our website to start your learning journey.
  • Instant Results: Immediately after submitting a quiz, you’ll get your score. This instant feedback is crucial for understanding your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Explanations & Answers Provided: You’ll not only learn the right answer, you’ll also learn WHY it is right. After attempting the tests, you can go back and look at the answer explanations to deepen your understanding.
  • Fresh Questions with Every Attempt: With every quiz retake, you’ll face new questions. This ensures that your practice is varied and comprehensive, preparing you for any curveball the exam throws at you.

Why is this Course Free?

  • At Gyaniversity, we do more than just teach. We help dreams grow and support your goals. We offer thousands of free questions because we want everyone to have the chance to succeed in their UPSC exams, without worrying about money. We’re here to help you every step of the way, making sure nothing gets in the way of your dreams.
  • This course is just a trailer to what you will get with our Champion’s Kit. The champion’s Kit will thoroughly prepare you for Prelims, CSAT and all General Studies Papers in Mains. It includes customised strategy & 12 month study plans, 13 guide books, 200+ video lectures, 400+ tests, 40,000+ practice questions arranged by topic and subject. If you like the experience of this free quiz, we guarantee you will love the Champion’s Kit!

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Learning Objectives

Geometry and Mensuration
Permutation, Combination and Probability
Time and Distance, Time and Work
Mental Ability
Analytical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning
Interpersonal Skills
Decision Making

Material Includes

  • 500+ Civil Services Aptitude Test Questions from Prelims PYQs
  • 200+ Civil Services Aptitude Test Questions from Mains PYQs
  • 2 Full-Length Mock Tests for CSAT
  • Exclusive Online Course Discount


  • Attempt Quizzes for Previous Year Questions
  • Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests
  • Check your Answers and get explanations in the "My Quiz Attempts" section.

Target Audience

  • UPSC Aspirants
  • Students Studying CSAT for Competitive Exams


3 Lessons2h

Course Introduction

Learn how to use this course, get introduced to the Gyan Ganga series and learn how to get a special discount on your next purchase!
How to Use This Course1:57Preview
Get the Entire Kit2:19
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Previous Year Practice Questions

Free practice questions based on previous year question papers. Attempt these quizzes to test your knowledge and get instant feedback on your answers.

Mock Tests

Attempt two free prelims mock tests with fresh questions that have the same level of difficulty as the real exam.
Duration 2 hours
3 lectures

Material Includes

  • 500+ Civil Services Aptitude Test Questions from Prelims PYQs
  • 200+ Civil Services Aptitude Test Questions from Mains PYQs
  • 2 Full-Length Mock Tests for CSAT
  • Exclusive Online Course Discount
Enrollment validity: Lifetime

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