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Welcome to the Free Online Quiz for UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam

Are you preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam and seeking comprehensive practice material to enhance your preparation? Our online quiz provides you with a vast bank of over 4000 questions based on the previous 29+ years of the UPSC IAS Civil Services Prelims Exam.

Dive into this invaluable resource provided by Gyaniversity Education designed to assist you in a targeted and efficient manner. Best of all, its absolutely free! The quiz is organized topic-wise, offering a systematic approach to tackle the extensive syllabus.

Each quiz comprises 100 questions, presenting you with a fresh set of questions every time you attempt it, ensuring a diverse range of topics to test your knowledge. What’s more, you’ll receive instant feedback on your answers, aiding in identifying your strengths and areas for improvement.

To fully leverage this quiz and bolster your preparation, we recommend enrolling in our complete online course for UPSC Prelims. This comprehensive course encompasses video lessons, additional practice questions, a free guidebook, detailed logical reasoning for all answers, and much more. Join us on this journey towards success in the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam. All the best!

Features of the Online Quiz:

  • Completely Free: All you need to do is register and create a free account on our website to access all the available quizzes.
  • Instant Results: After submitting a quiz, your score will be instantly available, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and learn from any mistakes.
  • Fresh Questions with Every Attempt: With each quiz retake, you’ll encounter new and different questions. Keep practicing until you achieve a satisfactory score.
  • Exclusive Online Course Discount: Upon successfully completing all quizzes, feel free to contact us to receive a special discount code for the corresponding online course.


Learning Objectives

Enhance your understanding of UPSC Prelims
Quizzes and Practice Questions for entire UPSC Syllabus
Ancient History
Medival History
Indian National Movement
Indian Art & Culture
Physical Geography
World Geography
Indian Geography
Economic Geography
Political System
Panchayati Raj
Public Policy
Rights Issues
Indian Economy
Sustainable Development
Indian Industry
Social Sector Initiatives
Environmental Ecology
Climate Change
Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Emerging Technologies
General Knowledge
Current Affairs
International Relations

Material Includes

  • 4000+ Previous Year Practice Questions
  • A quiz for every lesson in the Syllabus
  • Introduction to the online course
  • Discount for the online course


  • Read each question carefully and answer accordingly.
  • Submit the quiz when you have answered all the questions.
  • Results will be declared automatically after submission.
  • Restart the quiz again to get a fresh set of questions.

Target Audience

  • Open to all UPSC Aspirants


2 Lessons28h

GS-1 Practice Questions

Indian Polity and Governance
Economic and Social Development
Ecology and Environment
Science and Technology

CSAT Practice Questions

Online Course

Continue learning with our interactive online courses. Learn from expert instructors using video lessons, additional assignments, quizzes, guide books and much more. Enroll now!
Duration 28 hours
2 lectures

Material Includes

  • 4000+ Previous Year Practice Questions
  • A quiz for every lesson in the Syllabus
  • Introduction to the online course
  • Discount for the online course
Enrollment validity: Lifetime

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