UPSC Prelims Champion’s Kit: 250+ Tests, 30,000+ Practice Questions, Simplified Notes, and Videos

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About This Course

Welcome to the Ultimate UPSC Prelims Prep Course. This Prelims Champion’s Kit is fully packed with everything you need to cover the whole Prelims syllabus, from General Studies 1 to the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

What you will get:

  1. 250+ Full-length Mock Tests: Attempt an extensive collection of mock tests—200+ for General Studies and 50+ for CSAT. After each test, you’ll receive immediate scores and can go through your answers with clear explanations. Get logical explanation for why every given answer choice is correct.
  2. 30,000+ Practice Questions: Practice thousands of questions, by subject and topic, all designed by experts to match the UPSC and NCERT standards perfectly.
  3. 1995-2023 Previous Year QPs: Try your hand at UPSC’s previous years’ questions over the past three decades, presented in an interactive quiz format, and get instant feedback.
  4. 7+ Free Prelims and Mains Books: Enjoy easy-to-understand notes, from our Gyan Ganga Series and other recommended sources, to deepen your grasp of the syllabus. Plus, get our official guidebook filled with past QPs and reasonings. All materials are available digitally for free, with a 50% discount on printed copies available to you after course purchase.
  5. Collection of Video Lectures: Take advantage of our hand-picked video lectures we have chosen after much research. All video lectures are taken from many UPSC experts available publically on YouTube.
  6. Teacher Q&A: Clear all your doubts and queries inside the course with the Q&A section where an expert educator will help you navigate through the course and resolve all your questions.
  7. Bonus Material: Strategy and Tips to crack the prelims, cheat-sheet and marks distribution, list of recommended reading material, additional reference material like the previous year QPs, NCERT textbooks, certificate of completion and much more!
  8. Unlimited Course Updates for 2 Years: Once you sign up, you get access to this course for 2 years with unlimited updates during this period. We update this course regularly so that you get the latest insights.

Join this all-in-one master course and feel confident in your UPSC prelims prep. With our comprehensive resources and expert support, you’re set up for success. Let’s get you ready to ace that Prelims exam!

Learning Objectives

Art & Culture
Indian Polity
Science & Tech
General Awareness
Current Affairs

Material Includes

  • 250+ Full-length Mock Tests
  • 30,000+ Practice Questions
  • Topic-wise Questions
  • Lesson-wise Questions
  • Subject-wise Questions
  • 1995-2023 Previous Year QPs
  • 8+ Simplified Guide Books
  • Collection of 82 Video Lectures
  • Teacher Q&A
  • Exam Preparation Strategy
  • Reference Material


  • Go through the Intro & Study Plan
  • Attempt 2 mock tests per week
  • Practice 200 questions per week
  • Study the guide books provided
  • Watch the video lectures and make notes
  • Ask your doubts to the teachers
  • Practice Previous Year Questions

Target Audience

  • UPSC Prelims Exam
  • General Studies Paper - 1 (GS-1)
  • Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)


104 Lessons83h 25m

Course Intro and Toolkit

Introduction to the course structure and resources, including tools and strategies for effective preparation.
How to Use this Course16:41Preview
Strategy and Tips to Crack UPSC
12-Month Study Plan
Cheat Sheet: Marks Distribution
Recommended Reading Material
Reference Material – Textbooks
Reference Material – Previous QPs

Books by Gyaniversity Publications

A selection of specialized books and simplified study material published by Gyaniversity, covering various subjects relevant to the UPSC Prelims & Mains syllabus.

Previous Year Practice Questions

A compilation of questions from previous UPSC Prelims exams, allowing students to test their knowledge and familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and question types.

Mock Test Series (GS-1)

A series of 200+ full-length mock tests focusing on General Studies Paper 1, designed to simulate the actual UPSC exam environment.

Mock Test Series (CSAT)

Dedicated mock tests for the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), aimed at enhancing problem-solving and analytical skills.

Topic-Wise Practice Questions

A collection of questions sorted by specific topics, helping students to target their weak areas and strengthen their knowledge base.

Lesson-Wise Practice Questions

30,000+ practice questions organized according to individual lessons for each subject, facilitating detailed understanding and revision.

Subject-Wise Practice Questions

30,000+ Practice questions categorized by specific modules or subjects, enabling focused study on distinct areas of the syllabus.

Video Lectures

A range of video lectures from UPSC experts, providing in-depth explanations and insights on various subjects and topics relevant to the Prelims syllabus.

Student Feedback

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The UPSC Prelims Champion's Kit is a one-stop solution for UPSC preparation. The detailed explanations for each answer choice after mock tests are a great learning aid. The 50% discount on printed copies is a thoughtful touch, making it accessible for all. The two-year access with unlimited updates is a commitment to ongoing success.

Outstanding UPSC Prelims course: Comprehensive content, expert instructors, and effective practice materials. A must for serious aspirants seeking success. Highly recommended!


33% off
Duration 83.4 hours
104 lectures

Material Includes

  • 250+ Full-length Mock Tests
  • 30,000+ Practice Questions
  • Topic-wise Questions
  • Lesson-wise Questions
  • Subject-wise Questions
  • 1995-2023 Previous Year QPs
  • 8+ Simplified Guide Books
  • Collection of 82 Video Lectures
  • Teacher Q&A
  • Exam Preparation Strategy
  • Reference Material
Enrollment validity: 730 days

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