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About This Course

Welcome to the Environmental Studies eLearning course offered by IGNOU through Gyaniversity Education!

This course, coded BEVAE-181, is designed for Bachelor’s and Diploma level students pursuing various programmes. Through this course, you’ll explore vital topics such as An Introduction to Environment and Environmental Studies, Natural Resources, Environmental Issues and Concerns, and Protecting Our Environment: Policies and Practices.

What You Will Get:

  • Engaging Videos: Each unit in the subject is accompanied by informative videos to enhance your learning experience.
  • Practice Quizzes: Test your understanding with quizzes for every block, reinforcing your knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Reference Material: Access previous year question papers, university textbooks, and more to aid your studies.
  • Free Gyaniversity Guidebook: Gain access to solved previous year questions, exam strategies, and expert Q&A, all in one convenient guidebook.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions with teachers, clarify doubts, and learn important exam strategies.
  • Guess Paper: Get a list of the most important and predicted exam questions to focus your preparation.
  • Custom Graded Assignments: Receive personalized assignments from teachers to assess your progress effectively.
  • Mock Tests: Prepare thoroughly with mock tests designed to simulate the exam environment.

Embark on this educational journey with Gyaniversity Education to deepen your understanding of Environmental Studies while accessing a plethora of resources to support your learning needs. Let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of our environment together!

Learning Objectives

Our Environment
Major Ecosystem
Land and Water Resources
Forest Resources
Biodiversity: Value and Services
Energy Resources
Biodiversity: Threats and Conservation
Environmental Pollution and Hazards
Waste Management
Global Environmental Issues
Environmental Legislation
Human Communities and Environment
Environmental Ethics

Material Includes

  • Animated Video Lessons
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Gyaniversity Guidebook
  • Q&A with Teachers
  • Important Exam Strategy
  • Guess Paper: Important Qs
  • Custom Graded Assignments
  • University Textbook
  • Mock Tests
  • Bonus Course Content


  • Watch the video lessons carefully. Make notes as required.
  • Test your knowledge with our quizzes and mock tests.
  • Refer to the Gyaniversity Guide book for solved previous year Q&A
  • Submit an optional assignment and get it evaluated by a teacher.

Target Audience

  • IGNOU Bachelor's Degree Programme Students
  • BEVAE Students


23 Lessons

Course Introduction and Exam Strategy

This section serves as an introduction to the course and provides valuable insights into the features of this online course and effective exam strategies for studying this subject. Go through this section carefully to make the best of this course.
Question Paper Pattern1:40
Example of a Solved Question Paper00:00:19
Guess Paper: List of Most Important Questions00:1:41
Acing Your IGNOU Exams: Strategies for Success00:02:27

Block 1: An Introduction to Environment and Environmental Studies

Welcome to the world of Environment and Environmental Studies! In this introductory course, we'll explore the fascinating aspects of our environment, the intricate web of ecosystems, and the major ecosystems that shape our planet. Get ready to delve into the natural world and discover the interconnectedness of all living things. Let's embark on this journey to understand and protect our precious environment!

Block 2: Natural Resources

Natural Resources are essential elements found in our environment that sustain life. In this study, we'll explore Land and Water Resources, which include soil and freshwater bodies crucial for agriculture and daily life. We'll also delve into Forest Resources, vital for biodiversity and timber production. Understanding Biodiversity, its Value, and Ecosystem Services will shed light on the importance of preserving nature. Lastly, we'll explore Energy Resources, like fossil fuels and renewables, which power our modern world.

Block 3: Environmental Issues and Concerns

Environmental Issues and Concerns encompass a range of critical lessons for students. In this study, we explore Biodiversity, its threats, and conservation efforts to safeguard our planet's rich variety of life. We delve into the impact of Environmental Pollution and Hazards, understanding the dangers they pose to ecosystems and human health. Additionally, we examine the importance of responsible Waste Management and address pressing Global Environmental Issues that affect our world today!

Block 4: Protecting Our Environment: Policies and Practices

In our study of "Protecting Our Environment: Policies and Practices," we will explore three crucial lessons. Firstly, we'll delve into Environmental Legislation, understanding the laws and regulations that safeguard our natural world. Next, we'll examine the intricate relationship between Human Communities and the Environment, recognizing the impact of human activities. Finally, we'll explore Environmental Ethics, delving into the moral principles guiding responsible environmental stewardship. Join us today!

Bonus Course Content

This section offers valuable resources to supplement your learning. Access the free Gyaniversity guide book, previous year question papers, and university textbooks. Test your knowledge with a mock test and complete an optional assignment which will be evaluated by our Explore the Bonus Course Content and unlock your full potential!

Mock Tests


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23 lectures

Material Includes

  • Animated Video Lessons
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Gyaniversity Guidebook
  • Q&A with Teachers
  • Important Exam Strategy
  • Guess Paper: Important Qs
  • Custom Graded Assignments
  • University Textbook
  • Mock Tests
  • Bonus Course Content
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