Course Intro and Toolkit
Learn how to use this course and take full advantage of our tips, study plan, recomended reading materials and reference materials.

Strategy and Tips to Crack UPSC
12-Month Study Plan03:48
Cheat Sheet: Marks Distribution
Recommended Reading Material (Prelims)
Recommended Reading Material (Mains)
Reference Material – Textbooks
Reference Material – PYQs (Prelims)
Reference Material – PYQs (Mains)

Books by Gyaniversity Publications
Access the best-selling UPSC guide books provided to you for free within this section. Simply click on the button to open the book.

Previous Year Practice Questions
Practice previous year questions in the form of a quiz. You'll get instant access to the model answers so that you can learn and compare your response with the actual answers immediately.

Mock Test Series (Mains Essay)
Attempt full-length mock tests for the Mains Essay exam.

Mock Test Series (English Compulsory)
Attempt full-length mock tests for the English Compulsory exam.

Practice Qs: Topic-wise
Attempt topic-wise practice questions from our huge database of over 40,000+ questions.

Practice Qs: Subject-wise
Attempt subject-wise practice questions from our huge database of over 40,000+ questions.

Video Lectures
Watch hand-picked video lectures from renowned experts to help aid your understanding of all topics.

How to Use this Course

Welcome to Your UPSC Journey: An Introduction to Success

Hello, future leader! You’re about to embark on a transformative journey toward achieving your dream of excelling in the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam. This course is your personal roadmap to success, designed to provide clarity, depth, and an edge in your preparation.

Navigating Through the Course:

Let’s walk through the course structure to ensure you make the most of every tool and resource at your disposal:

Course Intro and Toolkit

This initial module is the foundation of your preparation. It includes:

  • Strategies & Tips: Expert advice on how to approach your studies and the exam itself.
  • Cheat-Sheet: A detailed breakdown of lesson and topic weightage to prioritize your study plan.
  • Recommended Reading: A curated list to complement your learning with a broader perspective.
  • Reference Materials: Direct access to previous years’ question papers and NCERT textbooks for that extra edge in your prep.

Books by Gyaniversity Publications

Dive into the heart of your syllabus with our simplified study material across key subjects:

  • Prelims Guide Books: Your go-to resources for GS-1 and CSAT, including previous year questions and detailed reasoning.
  • UPSC Gyan Ganga Study Guide Books: Get comprehensive notes for your subject written in an easy to understand language to aid your understanding.

Previous Year Practice Questions

Test your knowledge against the real thing. This section lets you challenge yourself with actual questions from past UPSC exams. Learn not just what the right answers are, but why they’re right, with our detailed “Answer Key and Reasoning” section.

Mock Tests

Mimicking the real exam environment, these tests are designed to gauge your preparation levels. The full-length mocks for both Prelims and Mains are calibrated to match the UPSC’s standards in terms of difficulty, time-limit, and scoring.

Exam-Wise and Topic-Wise Practice Questions

 Delve into an extensive pool of over 40,000 questions. These are sorted by module and subject, each with an instant answer visibility feature, so you learn continuously as you practice.

Video Lectures

We’ve watched and evaluated countless videos and selected the best of the best for you. They’re engaging, informative, and available in both English and Hindi to cater to a diverse group of learners.

Navigating the Course

This course is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly:

  • Dashboard: Upon logging in, you’ll find a personalized dashboard that will serve as your home base. Here you can access all sections of the course.
  • Progress Tracking: As you move through the course, your dashboard will automatically update to reflect your progress.
  • Interactive Tools: Use tools like the books, Q&A section, quizzes, videos, etc. to enhance your learning experience.
  • Accessibility: All course materials are accessible 24/7 from any device, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Community and Support: Join discussions with fellow aspirants and seek guidance from educators through the Q&A section.

Before diving in, we recommend taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout of the course. Browse through each section to understand how the materials are organized. Set your study goals and plan your schedule using the provided tools and resources.

We’re thrilled to support you on this path to becoming a UPSC Civil Services aspirant. With hard work, determination, and our comprehensive course content, you’re stepping towards success.

Let the journey begin!

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