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Module 1: Sociology – Basic Concepts
In "Sociology - Basic Concepts," we delve into the core principles that underpin the study of society. From understanding the origins and growth of sociology to its ties with other social sciences, this topic offers a solid foundation. Discover the methods and techniques used in sociological research, and explore key sociological elements like society, norms, values, status, and roles. Unravel the dynamics of social groups, structures, systems, cooperation, competition, conflict, and the fascinating processes of acculturation, assimilation, and integration. Get ready to unlock the fundamental concepts that shape our understanding of human society.

Module 2: Social Institutions and Social Stratification
In this topic, we delve into the cornerstone of society: social institutions. Explore the dynamics of marriage, family, kinship, economy, polity, and religion, which collectively shape human interactions. Understand how society's layers are organized through social stratification, examining hierarchy, differentiation, and inequality. These lessons illuminate the vital structures that define our social order and the disparities that influence our lives. Join us as we navigate the complex web of institutions and their impact on social hierarchy.

Module 3: Social Change, Socialization and Social Control
This topic delves into the ever-evolving nature of society. Understand the factors and processes driving social change, shaping our world. Explore how individuals become part of society through socialization, and how norms and values guide behavior. Learn how societies maintain order through social control, while also addressing social deviance. Plus, examine the intricate relationship between society and our environment. Embark on a journey to comprehend the forces that shape our social landscape and the role we play within it.

Module 4: Indian Society
Explore the vibrant tapestry of Indian society in this topic. We'll dive into the wisdom of Indian social thinkers, and grasp the essence of unity amidst diversity. Delve into the challenges and concepts of national integration. Examine the unique dynamics of tribal, rural, and urban communities. Uncover the intricacies of the caste system and gain insights into India's major religious communities. Finally, confront and analyze the pressing social issues affecting Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other marginalized sections. Join us on a journey to comprehend the multifaceted nature of Indian society.

Module 5: Status of Women
This topic sheds light on the evolving role of women in society. We'll delve into historical and cultural perspectives to understand the roots of gender dynamics. Examine the challenges of gender discrimination that women have faced throughout history. Investigate contemporary issues affecting women and their quest for equality. Finally, explore the empowering journey of women as they strive for equality and a brighter future. Join us on a path to unravel the complex and inspiring story of women's status in society.

Module 6: Culture
In this topic, we explore the captivating world of culture. We will begin by understanding the concept and key characteristics of culture. Then, delve into India's rich cultural heritage, appreciating its diversity and historical significance. Investigate the beauty of cultural pluralism, where different traditions coexist harmoniously. Lastly, we'll explore how media shapes and reflects our cultural landscape. Join us in unraveling the intricate tapestry of human expression, tradition, and identity that is culture.

Bonus Course Content
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