Introduction and Exam Strategy
Get valuable insights into the features of this online course and effective exam strategies. Go through this section carefully to make the best of this course.

Course Structure & Grading Scale
Question Paper Pattern01:40
Exam Strategies for Success02:28
List of Most Important Topics01:41

Video Explanations and Summaries
Watch interesting videos that explain all topics easily. Go through important notes that summarise all the points in a chapter using the mind-mapping technique.

Topic-wise Practice Questions
Practice till you are perfect with our huge database of questions arranged by topic. Get immediate results and answer explanations so you learn effectively.

Test Series
Attempt full-length mock tests and a test assignment graded by our teachers with personalised feedback. All tests are at the same difficulty level as your final exams.

Study Material
Get access to a variety of study materials like our guide book, summarised notes for every lesson and the fully combined NCERT textbook.

Bonus Course Content
Attempt quizzes with mixed questions from your subject, review previous year question papers and get a special discount on your purchase of our guide books in hard copy.

How to Use this Course

This course is structured to guide you through a systematic learning process tailored to optimize your exam preparation:

  1. Start with the Introduction & Strategy Section: Here, you will find detailed insights on how to effectively utilize this course, understand the course structure, grading scale, and the pattern of the question paper. We also provide vital exam strategies and tips, along with a ‘Guess Paper’ segment highlighting the most important topics for the exams.

  2. Engage with Video Lectures & Important Notes: Our video lectures are designed to make learning easy and enjoyable. These are complemented by simplified notes that distill complex concepts into manageable insights.

  3. Practice through Topic-wise Questions: With over 5000+ practice questions available, covering a variety of types such as multiple choice, true/false, assertion-reason, and match the following, you can test your knowledge and reinforce learning effectively. With every question, you will get a logical answer and an explanation as to why that is the right answer so that you can learn without any doubts.

  4. Participate in the Test Series: Challenge yourself with more than 10 full-length mock tests and benefit from personalized feedback on teacher-graded assignments. This will not only prepare you for the actual exam environment but also help identify areas where you need further study.

  5. Utilize the Study Material: Leverage our specially curated study materials including the Gyaniversity Guide Book, printable important notes, and a PDF version of the NCERT textbook to enhance your preparation.

Additional Features

  • Previous Year Question Papers: Access a repository of past exam papers to understand the exam format and commonly asked questions.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on the hard copy of our Guide Book, an essential resource to complement your online learning.

Navigating the Course Platform

The course is hosted on an intuitive platform that is easy to navigate. Once you log in, you will have access to all the features listed above, neatly organized into sections. Each section is designed to be self-contained, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit topics as needed.

For any technical support or queries about the course content, our dedicated support team is just an email or call away, ensuring that your learning experience is smooth and beneficial.

Embark on this educational journey with Gyaniversity and arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to excel in your academic pursuits. Let’s unlock your potential together!

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